Sir Hotels

Sir is a European lifestyle boutique brand, rooted in Amsterdam in 2011. It's a legendary collection of luxury boutique hotels. Each Sir curates its own cosmos and has entrepreneurial spirits, a fine taste of aesthetics and features a distinctive destination for the design savvy traveller of the 21st century. 

Sir creates one-of-a-kind hotel experiences in some of the most interesting neighborhoods in the world. We take all the local specialties, surprises, strangeness and secrets – And amplify it with our own personal take on modern luxury. Just like our guests – no two Sir’s are the same.

Sir is a family that remains close but lives in different cities. We share a similar design aesthetic but we cannot help letting our individual quirks come out. Guests coming to any Sir Hotel know they can expect the highest level of service, a dynamic culinary concept and a beautiful design. The key element that unifies all the hotels is the guest experience; whether through our exceptional restaurant and bars, our fun events and programming or the storytelling that we do with the design and art in our space. The number one focus for our teams is to make sure that they listen and engage with the guests to make sure that they leave with a truly memorable experience. |